Gratitude Challenge Results


As you all know I posted last month that I wanted to do a daily gratitude journal.  I just wrote down everything that I was grateful for. So check out what I learned.

When I finished doing my gratitude last month so many things happened to me.  I really felt like the water cleansing me, purging me, and moving me around… I haven’t felt this way in years.
I find myself more grateful for all that life has to offer… I continue to spend time in nature and seeking more knowledge, meditating and praying.  The fears that I had are more subside.  I don’t care what other people think about me. I no longer stress over small or big things.  I always try to find the positive.  I did have some days that were not so great but I wrote them down and I knew how to deal with them.  I also found that there’s no limit to anything and that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  Thank you to everyone that supported me on my month of gratitude it was a wonderful journey and I learned so much. I think I will continue writing in my journal.
 Love  Ebony

Curly Hair Product

I am so in love with my curls... The only product I used was Kina Kanu moisturizer (get yours here) and water this was a braid out with four braids.  I love this style including the hat.. Lately I've been loving hats see more on my

Hair length and Products

Here is the length of my hair…Sorry about the photo my four year old was the camera man lol… I was really enjoying my journey to waist length hair… However I think I’m going to stop this is a great length for me right here… I’ve notice my hair has grown so much since the last time I posted my hair length… Thanks to Kina Kanu Moisturizer… I think that waist length would be too much hair and I would do nothing with my hair but put it right back into a ponytail… A few things I noticed about my hair… It didn’t take that long to grow my hair once I learned the secrets… moisturize scalp and ends of hair with Kina Kanu Moisturizer… braid it up or twist it up then leave it alone for two weeks and then do it all over again simple quick and easy… Well not quick because the longer my hair is the longer it takes to do and I don’t like spending time doing my hair lol… Make sure you check out… Check out some of the products I used to flat iron my hair… A little pricey but they work so well together…


For the month of March I've created a daily gratitude challenge... I've never done anything like this before so this should be FUN!! If you would like to participate by all means feel free... April 2 I will share my experience (you can also share your experience)... #GratitudeChallenge #SelfLove #Love #SomethingNew #ILOVEMYLIFE #MoreEbony

I will also do the following with this challenge:
1. No meat only salad and smoothies. (ALL VEGAN)
2. Mediated for at least 20 minutes.
3. Exercise daily.

Why am I doing this challenge?
 I've never done anything like this before and I know it will have a wonderful outcome. I'm really looking forward to the journey not only the end result because we all know the journey is the real TRUTH.
Let the challenge begin.. I already started by the way just yesterday I was grateful for the sun... it felt so great to feel the warmth on my skin.. it brought me back to childhood when I use to run around outside in the summer with my brothers... free without a care in the world just having fun and playing.

I am evolving and its so DAMN beautiful....

Here are a few things I've noticed on my 1year journey so far

1. My creativity has increased.
2. Intuition has extremely increased.
3. Faster, easier learning and retention.
4. I definitely feel more peaceful.
5. Improvement in my physical health... this vegan life is so AMAZING!